Zellige (Zellij) are glazed clay tiles with an irregular, pearlescent and semi-transparent finish. These Moroccan tiles are manufactured in a vast variety of different shapes and decorative combinations.

Zellige is a handmade clay tile with origins in the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East region. MOSAIC DEL SUR ® Zellige tiles are traditionally handcrafted from unrefined white clay and glazed with coloured glass in a range of semi-transparent tones that vary subtly in depth and reflection. Each tile has a unique irregular finish. MOSAIC DEL SUR ® Zellige tiles, also called Zillije, Zellij or Zillij, are manufactured in our own factory in Morocco and are the opposite of standard, plain, uniform and repetitive industrial ceramics. Traditional Zellige adapts perfectly, adding character, to modern decorative projects. The 66 colours of Mosaic del Sur ® Zellige have warm tones with a pearlescent and semi-transparent finish which will vary slightly in shade on each tile. Every piece of Zellige is unique which creates a vibrant look. MOSAIC DEL SUR ® Zellige comes in all shapes and sizes between 3 - 15 cm for wall tiles and up to 22cm for flooring. Square tiles compose the more traditional look, but we manufacture in rectangular, triangular, fish scale and many other shapes. The traditional way of manufacturing the Zellige allows for infinite of shapes. This enables us to manufacture your own specific design or mural exclusively for you.